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 Trade Notice
Trade Facilitation Notice No. 01/2017
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FTSE 100  
GOLD (10 GRMS)  
Notification No.31/2018 Customs (N.T.)
(Delhi) 23-04-2018
Exchange Rates Notification No.31/2018-Custom(NT) dated 5.4.2018...
Notification No.32/2018 Customs (N.T.)
(Delhi) 23-04-2018
Tariff Notification in respect of Fixation of Tariff Value of Edible Oils, Brass Scrap, Poppy Seeds, Areca Nut, Gold and Sliver....
Notification No.33/2018 Customs (N.T.)
(Delhi) 23-04-2018
Exchange Rates Notification No.33/2018-Custom(NT) dated 19.4.2018...
Notification No.18/2018-Customs (ADD)
(Delhi) 23-04-2018
seeks to rescind the notification No. No. 8/2017 Customs (ADD) dated 15th March, 2017...
Notification No.19/2018-Customs (ADD)
(Delhi) 23-04-2018
seeks to impose definitive anti-dumping duty on the imports of " Phosphorus Pentoxide" originating in or exported from China PR....
Notification No.20/2018-Customs (ADD)
(Delhi) 23-04-2018
seeks to impose definitive anti dumping duty on imports fishnet or fishing nets originating from China or Bangladesh....
Notification No.21/2018-Customs (ADD)
(Delhi) 23-04-2018
seeks to extend the levy of anti-dumping duty, imposed on imports of Soda Ash originating in or exported from Russia and Turkey under Notification No. 8/2013-Customs (ADD), dated the 18.04.2013 for a further period of one year (i.e. 16.04.2019) or till the conclusion of the sunset review investigati...
Notification No.22/2018-Customs (ADD)
(Delhi) 23-04-2018
seeks to impose definitive anti-dumping duty on imports of Glassware, originating in, or exported from People's Republic of China and Indonesia...
Notification No. 19 /2018-Central Excise
(Delhi) 23-04-2018
Seeks to amend notification Nos.11/2017-Central excise dated 30th June, 2017, 10/2018-Central excise 11/2018-Central excise, 12/2018-Central excise and 13/2018-Central excise, all dated 2nd February 2018....
Notification No. 20 /2018-Central Excise
(Delhi) 23-04-2018
Seeks to rescind notification nos. 7/2018-Central excise and 8/2018-Central excise, both dated 2nd February 2018 all dated 06.04.2018....

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